Mendoza Region

The history of the Benegas winery is tied to two prominent Benegas family figures, its founder Don Tiburcio Benegas and his great grandson Federico J. Benegas Lynch who currently runs the winery.

Don Tiburcio Benegas, was a well-recognized personality in Mendoza both for his performance in the world of wine, and for his political participation, having been Governor of Mendoza between 1887 and 1889. In 1883 he founded the El Trapiche winery, an indisputable landmark in the development of viticulture in the region.

Precursor of the quality winemaking in the province and one of the pillars of the industry in the Americas, Don Tiburcio brought from France fine pre-phylloxera and free-standing varietals until then unknown in the country. And so, he began producing fine wines inspired by grape varieties from different parts of France.

Federico J. Benegas Lynch, heir to this lineage, leads a new stage of growth built upon four generations of know-how and with the clear stamp of its origins: respect for the terroir, wines created with personality and made with quality. Benegas wines, the product of original vines with history.